Do Not Disturb

2019-10-25 23:42:54 (UTC)

I Hate It Here !

I don't know if, I've ever mebtioned this before but I hate it here at my job. It's like everyone out to get me. One time I wore mixed match socks and everyone was at me even if, I didn't wear socks. Like tonight a dude I know... A co- worker was judging me for wearing mitch matching socks. They would do or say anything to get to you. And I hate that I'm letting them getting to me by talking about me behind my back.

My next therapist appointment isn't until, next month of the 4th of Monday and it's way to long for me because I need someone to talk to besides this diary. Mostly about how much I hate my job but I can't quit till I find another. I really be wanting to cry but I have to stay strong.

I also hate that I care about so much of what everyone else think ever since I got bullied in high school by that one girl over a boy ( which is stupid ). Everything bothered me ever since.

Gotto grt back to work. Off at 11.

Mood : Ready to go home

- A

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