from my heart
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2019-10-26 06:42:23 (UTC)

roman makes me so happy

2:42 am

i really like roman because he makes me so happy. i dont even know why.

there are so many boys out there. but i find him so comfortable. i like him a lot.

i love joking around with him and when he sends me tiny snippets of cute animals. when he tells me a story. when we talk about anything

i just kinda really appreciate the fact that hes a part of my life atm. because he definitely makes me smile and laugh and forget about things.

i love his voice. i love how he laughs. its the cutest thing ever. cuter than the dogs and cats he shows me.

i wish i could hug him and just hug him and idk just fucking hug him forever. cause hes so cute.

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