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2019-10-25 20:33:52 (UTC)

Day three in Victoria part 2

Went to a tea joint with my Sis. I figure give it a try once. When I saw how the snacks were presented, I knew it was gonna be big ass bucks. But it was fun to give it a go. This was at the Empress Tea house in Victoria. We checked out the shops later and met this nice sales lady. Asked where a good Italian restaurant was and she told me. Next step was to ask her if she could take me there for dinner but my Sister cock-blocked me. Unintentionally but because she and I were there together, I guess it was assumed. I made sure I kept saying Sis all day long while in public but alas, my attempts were futile :(. haha.

Still, it was a good place to give it a once around just to be able to say you were there. But hell no if I'll go again with my Sis. It's expensive and it should be with someone special to enjoy it with. Not a cock-blocking Sister. haha. JK, love my Sis.