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2019-10-25 19:45:50 (UTC)

Day three in Victoria

Fun day today. Went to Duchart Gardens (May have trashed the name). I renamed it bitch-ass gardens to make it easier to remember. Nice place. No roses blooming so that part of the tour was bland. Still had many places that were so relaxing and tranquil. It's a romantic place to be...... that is if you had someone to be with!!!!!! hahaha. So that was a little disheartening. Would have been nice to sit on a bench in front of some nice scenery with your other half. But nope. All I had was my Sister next to me. In fact, she was sort of a cock-blocker because people may have thought she was my wife or something. I made sure I called her Sis many a times. haha. Here is a link to the pics I took of that place minus the ones I was posing in. Sorry, only a few peeps know how ugly I really look :) haha