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2019-10-25 20:25:07 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I don't deserve my girl friend. I really feel she deserves better then me. She is the greatest, amazing, angelic, beautiful, kind, caring, sweet, loving, perfect. Me? I am fat, ugly, useless, and the devil. See, I met her at my best friend's birthday years ago. I thought she was beautiful. Yet I found out she had a boyfriend (future husband). We didn't talk for months and then she reached out to me and began to flirt. I began to feel something different, something I hadn't felt in a long time. Then we hung out and we kissed. We fooled around, hung out some more, and it was perfect. I was in love. She got married and cut ties with me. Yet...I couldn't let go. I kept asking my best friend, how she was, did she miss me, etc. I ran into her accidently at the gym a few times, tried to talk to her, but things were different. Her friend, didn't like me. And that should have been the end. Except, I saw her one day with my best friend and since then, her and I are in love. Yet...she has a husband and I am out of her league. I really think she is better without me. I love her so much and I would do anything for her. I have never felt like this before. It's just...I don't know if I am what she should have. She deserves the best. Anyway...long day tomorrow...night all.