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2019-10-25 05:08:57 (UTC)

Healthy And Well

I went to Moes for lunch today after I got out of my 12:30 class. I had their bowl with chips and sauce dip that I just made into a taco salad but with rice when I should've just gotten a taco salad the whole time. But that's what I get for wanting to try something "different".

It was actuallt really good without the beans and guacamole. I don't know how to spell quacamole so, don't judge me. I think I spelled it right.

Me and my mother stopped by Zaxby's after we got my brother from school and used the bathroom and my brother ended up getting something to eat from their because he claimed that he " didn't eat all day". I like it their it's cleaner then most restaurants I've been too.

What does he do all day at school ?

Nothing.... Because that's what it seems like it. I've never even see him come home and do homework but that's him that's gonna flunk but this time it's gonna be 8th grade. Because he's in 8th grade. All he doesnis come home and pkay fortnite anyways. He better get his act together.

I got me some black ink pins that were two dollars from the dollar store also a pink and white little bing bag that were five dollars. Well, my mother got it for me because she got paid today even though she was suppose to pay rent today she didn't and is still trying to find a way to pay it so she went to the casino.

I can't wait to get paid... it's not fun not having a check because, you were in the hospital those 7 days and had to have a week off from work and school.

I actually enjoy going to school. No drama. At least not yet I hope but that's dead and behind me.

Our next door neighbors are actually moving. I saw the boxes and everything. That is sad. I wonder who their selling the house too. Hopefully, it won't be some black ratched folks who playes loud music and haves parties every night. Not being racist folks. Just my opinion.

My cousin had surgery today only hers were small and not big and long ( lol that's
what she said ) like my abscess was. Same spot. Same place. Only she didn't have to be in the hospital for 7 days straight.

Everyone was worried about her. But at least she didn't have to st ay in the hospital for 7 days and didn't get out till her birthday. I know that I've already said that twice. That's me, that's that girl.

I shouldn't even be complaining right now. I'm just glad to be home healthy and well. I mean that's what my dad told me what I'm gonna be and it seems to be working.

1 1/2 inch. That is so definitely a miracle.

I tried to go to Netflix to catch up on some unfinished shows and it said that I have to update my account ( which I thought I didn't have to update it till next month but I guess I was wrong ).

Anyways, don't get paid till the 4th of next month and I also changed my plan so it wouldnt be as much when I pay to only one person watching and that's me. It's not like they watch it anyways.

Also, I'm thinking about getting braids with my next pay check comes. Because it's time to get something done with this hair. Even though I just took out my red and black weave hair and it was painful to take out because I didn't have a cap under it. Thinking about getting braids but curly at the end. I think they are called box braids but smaller. Not big like I had the girl doing it like last time.


Okay, I think I'm done rambling now.

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