the secrets of an average teen
2019-10-25 02:09:58 (UTC)

sex is always on my mind

I like to masturbate. I get to cum all the time. When I rub my clit I just imagine my girlfriend eating my pussy. I feel like sex releases all my tension and every single thing bothering me. I get to really feel myself, and I make myself feel so good. I fuck myself and can feel my fingers all the way in me and I just feel this stress relief, like all my problems go away. I get to fuck all my anger and sadness out of myself. I think that's why I like it rough. I like the kinky and BDSM shit. I like to be tied up, I like to be teased, I like to be fucked, HARD. Whenever my girlfriend and I have sex I pound pussy and my ass in her face while we're doing 69 and you can feel all my cum dripping down my pussy and into her mouth. Fuck, now that I'm talking about it I'm horny as fuck and can feel my pussy being wet so after class I'm gonna masturbate hahha..... anyways, sex makes me feel alive, I get to let whatever emotion I have out and I get to feel good while doing it. Now I want to be fucked and have my pussy eaten as well.

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