Experienced Life
2019-10-24 06:23:43 (UTC)

The mornings still comes

That's what I like about life. The mornings still keep coming and you get to start a new day. Coffee in the morning is still nice and although I'm not waking up to the smell of roses, life is still good and you get to make the most of it still. A clean slate. The demons of your ego subsides either because you're too tired or the start of a new day is just too awesomely positive. Yup, making my own words.

Today, we'll have breakfast at a fancy breakfast place, then to a castles Craig...something. The Sister wants some dim sum because when Hong Kong was given back to China, people migrated to Canada because of it. So they brought their culture here and of course the authentic meals too.

Here are some pics from yesterday's walk around and from the hotel.