Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2019-10-24 12:27:15 (UTC)

Gasp for breath

Soft grass on bare feet as the cold sweeps into the tender soles. The water connecting body’s to earth, the feeling of nature as it falls from the sky’s and drains back to the ground.

Drops, turning to rivers as they land and run down through sodden hair. Matted and stuck to pale skin. Directing the cold water down through the natural curves of the body.

The cold draws goosebumps, hair on end as the body shivers in delight at being teased by the drops of water pattering against it. Cold fingertips biting into skin made more tender by the goosebumps.

Eyes locked, lost in pools of colour as two swim in the sounds of the other, lost to each other in the moment. Not caring for the cold but embracing the feeling of power emanating from the world around them.

Hair between fingers to draw closer together, pressing wet skin to skin. Nails biting down, desperately fighting to be closer than the human body will allow.

Eyes still chained together, lost in the depths of another, swimming in the dark waters of another’s soul as the body drowns in the drops from the sky.

Soft lips brush to tease until nails bite harder and deep laughter rings out amongst the trees. Silenced by a sudden pull as eyes slam shut and more than just bodies engage.

A dance, the truest of dances, isn’t about just the “physical”, I just wish I’d had more time to word it properly.