Do Not Disturb

2019-10-23 22:51:53 (UTC)

He ignored me

So, I asked Mike to get a box for me at work because it was a bunch of kiddy toys to put in the kids bag and you wanna know what he said," Why can't you get it yourself ?" Like, how rude of him to say. And even though it was on the floor I still needed help getting it but of coarse he's still mad at me and it still bothers me a little that he's mad at me. Okay, it bothers me a lot that he won't talk to me.

My mom read my messages between me and A and got mad because he said," You telling me for wha," when I told him I work next Friday and Saturday morning in case he wanted to see me. And that's when I showed my mother a meme on my Facebook page and that bc I shouldn't have because she endedbup reading the message that popped up on my phone ans that made me really angry. I'm just gonna turn off my post notification from now on and just tag her in the shit like I normally do. But no worries I told him off. Nobody was gonna be rude to me like that even if, I didn't tell him.

And then my mom was saying how I didn't love him and bkah blqh blah like she was trying to read all my messages. She be calling the guys she be talking to baby and stuff and yet she has the nerve to tell me and I'm only talking to one guy and that's him. No one else.

But it's whatever if, I go back to being single again. I'll go back to bejng single again. I don't care anymore. Fuck being in a relationship. At least for now.

Mood : Confused and kind of hurt

- A

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