Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2019-10-24 12:15:30 (UTC)

Mixed messages

I was going to write something about the “blind”. Remark about the misfortune of not seeing, about how we are hard wired to believe and not question.

Almost got drawn out to write about the pressures that society places on us all to do certain things. About the things we are taught from a young age.

Nearly pushed to write about feeling the earth, nature and the differences I feel from one place to the next. The power that exerted by the things in this world old enough to have “seen” times long before our tyranny.

But I’m falling at the minute, it’s not the place to explain why but it’s my own fault. The trouble is, it leaves me scrabbling for the best mask and so often I can’t find one that fits perfectly. People see sides of me they didn’t need to and I end up closing down. It’s not a usual thing and people allow themselves to forget what they’ve see, so no damage in the long run.

My arms are out stretched and I know I’ll catch a branch at some point, it’s just a question of when? How long does this turn of the ride last?

I’m not scared of falling, it’s not an unusual feeling. The worst bit is scrabbling for a mask. There’s always a branch to catch, but really what’s the worst that can happen if there isn’t?

Dig a ditch in the dark of the woods and bury me deep, 9feet so you can’t dig me back up before the sun rises again. Walk away and forget, lose the trail and don’t look back.

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