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2019-10-23 19:08:49 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
The highlight of my day was seeing my girl. I really had a stressful day before seeing my girl. See my car is in the shop because it was hit by a deer. I found out the car is being delayed due to the company being on strike. Which means, it delays my car being fixed because parts are not easily accessible. Then sometimes my clients drive me nuts because of how much they resist or do things that are annoying. And there is nothing that can really be done about that. Then I found out late last night I would have no gym buddy today, since she had to work. And the power went out at my job, which prevents me from being able to do it effectively. So, really seeing my girl...best part of my day. I hugged her and kissed her. I love my girl. Anyway...night all.