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2019-10-23 17:02:03 (UTC)

i want to be rich

1:02 pm
i want to be rich. im for sure broke as fuck but i really want to be rich. i know that being rich doesnt make you happy but i just want to be rich. i want to find a fufilling job that i can earn lots of money. i enjoy collecting money and saving up
im not sure exactly what i want to do in life, im interested in the marketing, business field although i have no idea about it all. its so confusing but they all honestly interest me. i found out about freelancing today and that seemed pretty fucking cool.
i cant wait till i get out of high school . im realizing that though i need to be consistent and persevere through everything i do no matter how hard something may be because thats the first step to becoming rich i think. i think its when you are strong willed and you dont give up. you know the risks but you push through it. you fight, you dont take flight.
there are honestly so many things im really interested and motivated to do. i dont want to die. i want to live a life well lived. i want to find a greater purpose and a greater meaning.
im regretful a bit because of my grades i had over the few years of school. but its okay. i can start now. i need to write an essay on this book i read and honestly im having a huge writers block. so when i go home im planning on writing my summary and view of what i learned from the book so i can figure out what im trying to write about.
i have so much shit to do

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