Christopher Mel

The Mirror
2019-10-23 01:08:46 (UTC)

Worse than I give them credit for

Why? Why do they insist on forcing their presence on me JUST so they can reinforce their disdain for me? Why do they go out of their way to make the effort to ostracize someone who doesn't matter to them anyway? It's like saying: "No, you can't ignore me first. I'm ignoring YOU." Some childish, entitled, vindictive shit that they pull because I chose to ignore them and not play their mental deficiency games along with'em. I try to make the day sticking to myself and not acknowledging women but they can't stand it. Must trigger their egos or insecurities and in an attempt to make themselves feel better try to turn the tables on me in some passive way shape or form; just the fact that they go out of their way to do it shows volumes about their own hang-ups and mentality. And it doesn't matter what age group they appear to be in, they all do it. Like you women are just scripted clones of one another. If I met one then I've met you all. There's literally nothing to gain by getting to know you because of the limited capacity you've shown time and time again. Same moody, entitled, narcissistic attitudes. Oh, you didn't get the attention you want. Better to disregard me with disdain and make a point of how much you can't stand me for the sake of making yourself feel better. Hey, any attention is better than no attention, right? Even if it makes you look like an asshole. Is this the part I'm supposed to 'like'? 'Love'? That's how you treat strangers and I'm supposed to 'praise that?' I'm never the guy that gets the positive reinforcement and hugs and shit. I've always been the guy that gets treated like a creep and disregarding with disdain or not acknowledged unless it's as a threat via purse grabbing and that's all I get. That's part of my reality that I've been stuck with since I was born. All that shit about acceptance but there's none from your end. Just preach but no practicing on the most basic of levels. So it's bad enough I'm forced into existence with you miserable people but them I'm forced to watch these women be fucking hypocrites directly in front of me and I'm supposed to suck up my pride and smile to make your asses happy? Fuck off. I'm supposed to 'love that side of you, too?' Glad I'm different. Because if I was like you I'd be treating some complete stranger how you treat others, so I'm glad I'm not you. You're dumber than I give you credit for if you think I'm supposed to 'accept that' shit. It's entitlement to think such a thing. Just like you think it's entitlement to actually treat me like a fucking human being. I'm no more obligated to respect or accept your female flaws anymore than you're obligated to accept me, so that's that. I guess we're fated to never get along. I honestly think you're horrible and can't stand you, and I'm tired of pretending otherwise. You women certainly don't. And unlike other guys who put up with your shit because of the nature male instinct to 'protect, serve, and procreate...' that means nothing to me, so I don't have to put up with your shit to try and sleep with you because I DON'T WANT YOU. I DON'T WANT YOU. Triggered, I know. And I know ya can't stand me either but who cares because I don't want you. Stop forcing your stupid miserable existence and weaselly, underhanded, passive-aggressive, childish bouts of revenge towards me because of that.Why would I WANT someone like that? You're dumber than I give you credit for if you think otherwise. Live and let live. You be you, I'll be me, and we'll continue leaving each other the fuck alone. We have nothing to offer each other, of course it won't stop you from perpetuating that disgusting notion that I'm somehow interested in you. Delude yourself into thinking that so that you can salvage some of your ego and quick fix your broken insecurities to make it seem like you had some sort of power over the situation. Because it's so fucking hard to accept that I had already turned you down first or had no actual interest in you to begin with (as if there was a good reason to). Literally nothing said here is new. Same shit over and over again. People don't change and everyone in the end reverts back to their animal nature, so the same shit will happen. Fuck logic or reasoning. It's the same shit. I'm just sick of going along with the 'script'. Don't bother getting mad because I don't care and I don't exist, remember? You make the effort to perpetuate that every single day so don't suddenly phase me into existence the moment I make a comment that doesn't directly kiss your ass and praise the ground you walk on as if you're such a gift to the fucking earth and so pleasant to be around. Pick and choose, hypocrites. Pick and choose.

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