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2019-10-22 09:14:30 (UTC)


I am looking forward to the train the trainer course I have next week. I hope to start working as a trainer in business analysis to supplement what I earn in my day job as a BA because that is not frankly enough to meet all my expenses and where I want to go (especially with Linda). Linda already works as a trainer to supplement her income and there is a lot of pressure on me to ensure I get this training job as it will accelerate the development of our relationship and my life. Normally I get a bit nervous about doing presentations or talking in public but I am quite relaxed about the course which will be learning how to present a course effectively and manage the classroom and any issues arising from the whole process of presenting the course. My concern is mainly my accent (which if I talk too fast people may find difficult to understand me) so I get concerned and not as confident as I should be. I hope to do some practices to help me as it is important that I get selected as a trainer. On delivering the actual training I am sure I will be fine. I hope to build a career as a consultant trainer in addition to my day job (as an employed BA). I also have some Fintech prototypes and ideas I am looking to develop a proof of concept - so hopefully something may come out of there but as usual funds are also needed.

My finances is a big concern for me. I just cant wait for the day I have enough money not to worry about paying out my commitments.
My son's scholarship to america is going on well but eventually if he does go we would need to ensure he attends the right university and the right course and we will also need to provide funding for the university as the scholarship will not pay for everything.

My car is also a big worry and concern for me. I still have to pay the garage for the last worj they did =on the car and jus yesterday the heating stopped working and we are in winter!!