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2019-10-22 09:13:59 (UTC)

My Finances

My finances is driving me mad. It is the single source of my feeling so down and sad. It is never ending and I roll the problems and debts to o the next month. I have taken some drastic steps but will take sometime for me to get back into the black and in the meantime I have to endure and try and get by.

I really do not like borrowing money from my friends but I have no choice and I am late on some repayments back to them because my funds are simply not enough. I hope all this stop by the end of the year because I am going to so much mental torture about my finances.

I can’t even afford my team lunch today so I made my excuse and stayed in the office. I feel so much mental torture. Most days I can’t sleep, thinking of my finances. I get a headache and I feel weak and not interested in doing much