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2019-10-25 09:10:37 (UTC)

Linda Update

Linda and I are back together and stronger. It was a complete mix up. Apparently when I thought she said we should take a break until after the weekend she meant that we should do our separate things on that weekend and was still expecting me to be in touch on the days leading to the weekend and cps she didn’t hear from me until Sunday she got upset especially cos she already told me how to reach out to her during conflict. That is I should send her a particular song which I did on a Sunday and told her I love her which in my own world was the time when o thought her suggested cooking off period ended: she thought I was coming from my Sunday football activities and had a few to drink so eventually called her when she was waiting for my call since Thursday. Meanwhile I went to church on Sunday completely depressed about the situation compounded with my financial situation and was really suffering mentally. I couldn’t wait to reach out to her on the Sunday. The response I got from her was so negative and for me I wasn’t prepared to go through the same mental routine I went through when my ex wife told me it was over so I decided to just go my own way. Luckily my best friend called me and I told him about the issue and he called her and he realised we were both feeling extremely depressed and in tears but not talking to each other and viewing the same incident completely differently. So after this I called her and we talked like mature adults and we love each other even more now. I fee so much better as I actually can feel how much she care about me now much more than before