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2019-10-20 07:18:48 (UTC)

Placerville Wine tasting

I have to admit, wine tasting sure is relaxing. We went to two places and accidentally walked into an Octoberfest event while going for a late lunch. We went to Placerville and hit two wineries. They were Boeger and Mira Flores. Since I'm alive from my surgery, I joined the wine club for the two. I forgot to take pics of both places but I managed to take some from Mira Flores and apparently, while going to a seafood place in Placerville, an Octoberfest event. German theme I think because people came dressed in old traditional German outfits. They looked nice. Also, there were wiener dog events so a bunch of people brought their wiener dogs. Cute :)

So it was a good day mostly. Felt sorry that my friend Susan didn't go and I know it bugged her she didn't or couldn't because her now ex was with us. It was an old small town so it brought back memories unconsciously of my first date with Faye. We walked around a small town similar to this one and it brought me down for a little while. I didn't say anything to my friends about it.

The restaurant was called Powell's Steamer Co and Pub. Their food was very good and the service fantastic. Between my friend and I, we had 3 dozen oysters. I also had a lunch portion of Chicken fettuccine alfredo with a bunch of bread and butter to really jack up my carbs :) haha. Yeah, this was a cheat day for sure just to make myself feel better about the crap I was going to put into my body. haha. I think I downed 3 glasses of wine too :) The dude just came with a bottle and would ask me if I needed a refill so I did.

One the way back home, I asked if we're ready for dessert. My friends couldn't believe how much I can eat telling me I have size 12 shoes with a size 8.5 feet. So that's where all my food is going. So we get back into our town and hit this place called Leatherby's. I wanted to fill myself with empty calories and I did. It's morning now and I'm not getting on that scale.

I do miss Faye from all this. It does suck not to hear from her. I admit I had hoped she'd call last night. Maybe even a small chance today before she heads back home to her town. Then again, this all could be just me imagining it and she cold have been at her town all this weekend and I'm just assuming she came down. She has two of my shirts and I'm imagining stupidly that she is smelling them missing me. She did confess to me that she did this so it's confirmed that she did this. Or, maybe my shirts will be dropped off by mail to symbolize an effe you to me and I'm not worth communicating with anymore. It just seemed or my mind just felt we were good together. Yeah, this sucks.

I just need to remember what I learned. Don't call her and don't be needy. I understand she may never call again. My happiness is derived from me. I should be happy being by myself. Keep the confidence and keep positive. I will grow from this and become even better that I was before. Don't waste this somewhat breakup without learning from it. I still wake up to roses in the morning and they still smell good.

Room is still nice and clean. I'm going to church today and will send a prayer for my friend that passed away recently. Probably gonna go start my list for my Canada trip and set up friends to come check on the place from time-to-time. Dang it, I just got a flashback that Faye offered to come check in on the house for me. Sigh.... Anyway, I should do more house cleaning later. Still on a mission with that. Right shoulder feels fine. My gut still hurts from the cool sculpting and it hurts even more when I massage it as the Dr told me to for post care. Probably hit Costco because my old dress socks look like crap now. Gym is mandatory to keep my sanity.

Here are some pics of yesterday's events. One winery, ice cream joint, food pics from Seafood restaurant, and the Octoberfest. Nothing too cool but meh... pics