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2019-10-20 07:02:00 (UTC)

Writing Prompt Double-Whammy

I've included two prompts in this one entry, as I imagine the response to one of them is going to be rather short.


44. What do you normally eat for breakfast? Why is this your go-to meal in the morning?

I typically eat breakfast at my day job. I ready myself for work and then head to the office before even considering having a bite to eat.

Once there, I'll take care of my initial set-up duties, one of which frequently being coffee-brewing in a large percolator. I then sit down and eat my breakfast. Currently, this is rice cakes with peanut butter on them, along with some sort of topping: pumpkin seeds or dried cranberries. I eat a few of those, and by then the coffee's usually done. I snag a cuppa and savor it. By the time I polish that off, other folks have usually made it to the office and if there's a training session then clients will have arrived by then as well.

I eat this because it is convenient, it's affordable, and it's what I've grown accustomed to eating. I can handle eating simple things, and as I eat vegan most of the time it's easy to prepare a meal to start my day.

On weekends, I have a flexible breakfast regimen. I typically start a pot of coffee, but the food I eat can be anything. For example, this morning I ate a plate of 12 fake chicken nuggets. I'll be heading to the cinema later this morning and there, I'll have some popcorn. Sometimes, the popcorn and coffee is all I've had for breakfast, choosing to wait 'til lunch to have a little something more.


45. What activity would you consider to be an absolute necessity in the morning? Why is it so important? If you skipped this, would the rest of your day be shot? Why or why not?

I'd like to say that making my bed is my absolutely essential morning activity. It's one that sets the tone for the remainder of the day. But if I think on it more, I'd say my morning exercise routine has become an inarguable essential. -That- definitely sets the tone for the day.

Making the bed is a way to kick-start my morning routine, no doubt. It's the initial "trigger" that sets off the list of morning habits I've cultivated over time. As of late however, I've been waking in the morning with more shoulder and neck ache. The shoulder pain I imagine won't go away anytime soon, as that's related to my surgery/injury from last year. It's just a matter of course now, and I consider it my new normal. The neck aches are likely caused by my pillows. One is too thin, and the other is too full. I reckon I'm just picky.

My exercises currently consist of some basic stretches followed by 30 pushups, 50 seconds of pilates leg lifts ( I guess that's what I call it... I lay on my back, then lift my feet 1 to 2 feet off the ground, holding them there for nearly a minute), and 10 curls of 30 lbs for each arm.

I started doing pushups and crunches several months ago. I had been doing pushups since physical therapy in the summer of 2018 to build up shoulder strength and support. The crunches I started because I wanted to eliminate my budding "gut." It's also the main muscle group I really hadn't done much at all with, as cycling deals with my lower body and perhaps my obliques (the exercise bicycle I have has arm-bars that move forward and back, as if you were on an elliptical cycle). Maybe a couple months ago I started curls. That started off with 5 reps for each arm, but in the past couple weeks I've increased it to 10 each.

Not only do I want to stay in fair physical shape, but I also want to build up muscle and endurance in my shoulder so that it reduces the chance of a debilitating injury there in the future. At least, that's what I think it will do. Having more muscle fiber in a joint can protect it from strain, right? It's a more capable joint with less strain during physical activity. That's what I'm seeking, anyway. And these exercises also serve as a way of addressing my lingering aches and pains.

If I don't do this, then I feel like my body has just stiffened up and lost some of its ability. I'd rather not fall out of this habit. Even while on vacation, I can (and will) do most of this stuff at the start of my day to keep things physically going the direction I want them to.

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