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2019-10-18 23:49:32 (UTC)

Wine tasting today

Today, friends and I are going wine tasting. My friend Susan can't go anymore because she broke up with one of the guys that is going with us today. Oh well. Anyway, I'll be driving for once so that the other guy that normally drives can get drunk. I'm kinda pissed because they asked me how and when. I said meet at my place at 10AM. I can drive. What part of that isn't clear? Well, they said that I was willing to pick them up. I texted so I don't see that being sent by me anywhere. Dang!! Give an inch and they take a mile. Again, 10AM my place and I'll drive. SMH.

So screw this. I'm not bringing my bag of goodies. Hope they got cheese, crackers, salami, chips, etc, etc to munch on because Mr Nicey-nice has left the building. I'll just drive them wherever. Since I can't taste anything, I can't buy anything so there goes your case or two of wine that I'd normally buy and you folks drink bitches!!!

Last night's short gym session was pretty hard. Stomache still feels like someone kicked my gut. Right arm is still recovering from the shot I got so I was feeling both when I was working out. Right now, my shoulder seems ok when I touch it. My belly though..I think it got bruised up. It still hurts like a mother when I touch it.

Waking up to the sight of a clean room. Purged the effe outta my clothes but I bet I can still trim it down. The look and smell of the roses. Just need my coffee now. Putting this post on pause while I go and make some... 2 min later, glad that loony-roomie made coffee. One rare moment to enjoy about her. Now my morning is off to a good start :)

I've been thinking about Faye this weekend. I know that she almost always drives to my City on weekends and I do miss our talks during the week. I do miss our butterfly kisses as we called them. Just some light kissing that's innocent yet felt so nice. She promised to give me some if I shaved but I never saw her again since. This weekend was supposed to be the funeral and she said she would attend with me but I found out they aren't having a funeral and of course, she won't attend now. They will schedule a celebration of life sometime in Nov.

She now has a couple of my shirts and I smile because she did confess that she smelled my shirt thinking of me after our first date and Ieft my shirt at her place. Maybe she's smelling it again maybe and perhaps thinking of me? To be honest, I purposely cut my day with my friends to not be an all day all night thing because there is a small chance she may pop up tonight or maybe call. I'm not sure if this is a healthy thing for me to be doing but in time, I know it'll be better and less chances of me acting stupid like this. I don't even know if I should call this thing with Faye a breakup. It was too short to even qualify to be that I think. I dunno...I just know that I'm not exactly in my happy place right now. Not dancing around or bobbing my head at the supermarket anyway. How quickly I come crashing down huh? This too shall pass :(

Anywhoo... I will get home early enough to hit the gym at least. This again is the one thing that saves my ass always and most consistently is the gym. When I'm at that point where I'm too emotionally mucked up, I could care less about my health, weight, body, etc, etc, etc. I'm just there to keep me sane and it's alway a sure thing to do that. I did some jump roping too. I'm not supposed to but effe-it I'm doing it just because. I'm even getting better on my cross jumping and double-unders.

I read some posts on this site and peeps have been listing their moods here. I dunno, is that a thing? I thought when your post your stuff, you pretty much describe how you are feeling.. no??? Well, if it's a thing, I guess I feel like.......crap? haha. Actually, I feel like I'm at a bus or train station again just waiting for my ride to come in so I can get on that thing to take me somewhere. Feels like I'm just idle at the bus/train depot right now.