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2019-10-18 13:54:12 (UTC)

Steroid shot in the right shoulder

Well, I got my steroid shot in my right shoulder. This was for the pain I used to have from an old injury. To be honest, I wasn't really hurting. At one point, I couldn't even sleep on my right shoulder because of the pain I used to get on my right shoulder. When I pushed to get a shot, it went away. Now, 5 months later, I'm still pretty much ok. There is some pain when I lift at the gym but maybe only 20% of what I used to get.

Now I know I'll be back at the gym soon so I figured while I'm off of work, go ahead and get it done again. So I did. Now I'm good for probably 6 more months and next month, I'll be back to my primary gym. I'm keeping this 2nd one because this one is open usually till midnight and it's close to my house. I've actually increased my cardio capabilities since joining this 2nd gym. Neck is good. Shoulder is good. And even though I didn't make it with Faye, I think my heart is actually good too :)

I'll be back to work soon so that'll be good. I miss my work friends. I miss my gym friends. One thing that came out of this that is awesome.... I have zero desire to be back with my native american ex girlfriend. Whew.... I feel like I can't wait to take on the world again. Don't know why but I still feel like the world is mine to explore. Oh yeah, I'm hoping that in 3 months, the cool sculpting shows me some abs. a 4 pack would be nice. A 6 pack would make me orgasm on the spot!! hahaha.

Muscles still ache from going to the gym the other day and I like it. Tells me I'm alive. Today, I asked the nurse if I can go to the gym and she said I should take it easy for 24 hrs. You know me..... I won't listen :)

Plans for tomorrow? Wine tasting with my dart buddies. The wanted to do a cookout seafood boil thingy afterwards. Well, I don't want to hang out with them that long. I also have a confession to make. Might make me sound weak and lame but why lie to myself? I am maybe hoping that Faye calls me tomorrow and I want my schedule to be clear in case. Yup.... sad but not sad that I'm doing this. Not sure what's right. I won't call her but it does seem to me that I'm kinda weak by doing this. But it's still true that I can't be with my friends that long. The wife of my friend is too freaking touchy and I don't want her touching me. Especially since her husband is right there and I don't find her any way attractive.

Sunday, Susan wants to go wine tasting. I may do that for a little while but I need to go to Church. Haven't been in a few weeks and I sometimes feel lost in what I'm doing. That's it for now.