Immaculate Snow

Fleeting Moments of Existence
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2019-10-18 18:59:52 (UTC)

Short days

Days are getting shorter, I can see it but the fatigue seems never ending. Today went by at such a speed and still, I feel like I've done nothing. I'm going out tonight, game night with some friends, hopefully I will be able to relax and breathe a little, this week has been a grueling one.

I wrote that letter, by the way. Did it make me feel better ? Not really, having to be honest with myself is something I hadn't done in a while and I know there are some things I wish I didn't feel, maybe that's what makes me feel the worst. Anyway, time will make it go away eventually.

I've been wanting to write more about my life, what I miss, my big California adventure, how I went through hell and back, but who knows, maybe next summer when I got nothing but time on my hands I'll get to that. Signing off in a rush again.