deanne and Connor

our dialog
2019-10-18 07:40:34 (UTC)

Weekend of Oct 18-20

Good morning Master,
i hope all is very well for You.
Just an update on my weekend. i have my final class tomorrow morning so i won't be able to visit. i am doing my very best to be alone Sunday morning and i hope You can make it as well. i don't know our schedule for heading to condo the next month or so. i am guessing we will go either next weekend or the following but not etched in stone yet. We both also have a number of vacation days stored up and we didn't take a cruise or such this fall so we will likely spend up to a week there at some point in early-mid Nov. depending on the weather outlook.
i hope to see You Sunday. i need to feel and sense well as please You.....xoxo