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2019-10-18 10:29:58 (UTC)


Your boy finally has a job. I'm happy, but also a little scared; scared that my time management is going to be all over the place. This access course is so intense and with the potential hours I could be doing over Christmas at this place, it could get a bit dicey. Either way, this is a good thing and something I desperately needed. It feels like I've come full circle a little bit. I'm going back to my first ever job, not the same store, but the same chain. My best friend messaged me two days ago on Facebook and said they were hiring and gave me his employee number to put into their application which bypasses all the annoying stuff, the questionnaires and whatnot. So I had my interview yesterday with my best friends boss, he knew a little about me. We got on pretty well, hopefully I'll get to see him about. I'm still waiting to hear about my hours. I put down 5pm-11pm on Monday-Thursday due to college, and then for Friday and the weekends I've put down whatever. I just hope I'll be able to balance it well with my coursework.

It will just be nice to have some money coming in. I've been feeling really bad for a long time because my mother was made redundant a while ago. She was devastated. She worked in my old high school and had been there for a few years. I think the saddest part is, she recently saw that they were advertising her exact same position a few months ago. Makes you a little sick, doesn't it? Surely that's illegal? She said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She feels really low lately and I just wish I could help her. She has an interview today at another high school and I really hope she gets it. She looks so lost, just sat at home all the time. I've never seen her like this and it's really upsetting to watch. It makes me feel guilty for leaving my last job and going back to college, but she is really happy for me and knows I'm trying my hardest to do well. If I graduated university and got the best possible job I could, I would give my parents absolutely everything. They deserve it.

My mum is really happy that I've got this job. When I get paid I think I'll take her out for a meal or something. I just want to do good. Assuming I get kept on after Christmas, I would likely stick this job out for a good while whilst I continue my studying. It just makes sense to do that. I'm likely going to stay here for uni, so it would be pretty handy. We'll have to wait and see what happens. It's positive though, and that makes a change!


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