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2019-10-17 22:31:22 (UTC)

Cool Sculpting done

Well, I did it. I went and got 3 sessions of cool sculpting. All in the front belly area. It didn't hurt doing it but now that I'm home, it feels like someone kicked me right in the gut. Ugh.... Three sessions cost me a bundle too. You wouldn't believe how expensive it is. But it does (or at least that's what they said) destroy fat cells.Then it takes 3 months for the full effect of it to show. From what I was told, you can't remove fat cells. you can eat right and exercise but it don't go away. It does decrease in size by dieting and exercise but it's still there from what I was told. This cool sculpting actually destroys the fat cells. Again, that's what they say. However, if you eat like a pig, you will create new fat cells and just blow the process of cool sculpting. I'll try not to do that.

I watched a movie with my friend Susan Zombieland 2. Not as good as the first one but I still liked it. Emma Stone..... oh man, one of my favorite actresses. Sigh... she's so beatiful. ok, ok. Back to earth now.

Now that I'm at home, I'm supposed to massage the area that was worked on. Supposed to massage the fat and help push it out? I dunno. Do as I'm told so whatever.

Tomorrow, I have a dr appt for a steroid shot in my right arm/shoulder area. Hey, I have medical so why not use it to work on my pain? It doesn't really hurt much and it hurts more when I work out with some overhead weights. Something is wrong but the shot is temp fix so I'll take it.

This Saturday, I asked my dart friends if they wanted to go wine tasting. They jumped on it and said yes. Then one of the guys wanted to get a crab boil or whatever after. He wanted to get shit going on after wine tasting. Who he kidding? We will be wasted from drinking wine all day. So I found a place in Placerville that we can go sit down and eat at. I don't want to be with these guys all day and all night. It's my last weekend before I head out to Canada on vaca so I don't want to spend it all with the same peeps. I was thinking about something else that nigh with other people. I don't feel all that good with my friends wife pawing at me time and time again.

I can't lie though. The lady that worked on me today says I can't go to the gym tonight. So now I'm feeling funny. I have to admit, I'm missing Faye. I won't do anything stupid. I just miss talking to her. And I'm trapped here at home because I can't work out till tomorrow. Still, it's a good thing I erased her pics, phone number, address and we're not FB friends. I guess I'm as safe as can be. So.... bring out the Jack tonight :)