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2019-10-17 08:59:08 (UTC)

Morning rituals

Some things you don't like having to do daily. Others aren't so bad. Waking up to a clean room seeing a vase of roses. Smelling the coffee brewing . I've actually started to open the blinds to my bedroom now and I never used to do that. It's nice how I can partially see my backyard and the sunlight trickling through the bushes and the trees overhead. Makes for a pleasant morning. So yeah, redundant daily events if nice, can never be boring.

I wake up to the muscle pain from yesterday's workout. I was working on my chest and ab muscles (what is of it) and it sure does hurt right now. Even that is nice. Reminds me I"m alive and my body is ever so slightly improving on my dad-bod. I get my first cool sculpting done today. Can't believe I'm doing it. Going for two suction cups or treatments. Whatever they call it. I just know it's on sale and still even then, it's $600 a procedure and you have to do two at a time on each side of your body. When did I become so vain? haha. It's just that I worked for 2 years on myself and still no 6 pack. Sometimes on rare moments after a good week of workouts and the moon is full, lol... I see a two pack. That's as good as I got. So I read something where I should be a little selfish and treat myself to something. Part of the self improvement thing. Hell yeah. Don't need for me to read that twice. This is one of those somethings. I guess I spent a bunch on clothes lately but hey, I didn't read the part where there was a price limit on the "treating myself to something".

Zombieland 2 comes out today and I already booked seats to watch it tonight with my friend Susan. I loved the first movie. Probably watched it like 50 times. I love Emma Stone. She is one of my favorite actresses..I love her big eyes and her scratchy voice that is oh so sexy. haha. Ashley Green is also a hottie that I'll watch any movie she makes. She's the short haired vampire Alice in the film Twilight. I to this day still don't know why they didn't have a "Team Alice". They shoulda :)

I stepped out to the family room for a few minutes. As usual, loony-roomie is on the phone with her dude friend complaining about not wanting to be here anymore. What's the biggest reason for that? She doesn't have any places to party. Yes!!! To effing party except for that pizza place. Her life revolves around where to party. Oh how I wish my life could revolve around how and where to party. But she has nowhere else to go and sorry to say but none of her friends can handle the burden of taking care of her. She lasts only three months when moving in with people she don't know. I was the only one that has lasted this long. I think she came here around March I think and it's now Oct? She can't drive. She can't read so she can't pay bills. She can't remember names. She still doesn't know mine. She's drinking by 10AM. Starts smoking at 5:30AM. Talks about going to the gym to do yoga but never has gone once yet. She refuses to seek help for her drinking. The only place for her is if her Sister gives up and throws up her hands and hand her to the County or State to take care of. But.... loony-roomy isn't giving me any grief so I am counting my blessings. Nothing she's upset about is aimed towards me and to be honest, I'm barely keeping a lid on my state of mind myself. I can't take on any unnecessary stress. I still can't talk about my friend that died. I found out something really bad about her that I can't deal with yet. That's for a future post.

Meanwhile, my mustache and beard is sure taking it's sweet ass time to grow. I want it back already. All because some woman liked me clean shaven with promises of some fun from her. And like a dog, I did it. So yeah, I deserve to look like a dork. My bad on myself :) Hope it's looking better by the time I go on my Canada Vacation. I don't like this look at all. Seems like a twilight zone scenario where a part of someone's face is missing like no mouth or nose or something freaky like that. I just don't look right at the moment. I tried telling myself anything to lose weight but I was only able to convince myself this silly reasoning for a few minutes until I looked in the mirror and saw myself. Ugh.... How can that lady even think this was sexy?

Well, that's all I got for now. I ran the stress outta me last night so no dramatic burst of pain, anger, or sorrow at the moment. Not really ran but on the funky elliptical machine. I think it's a ski thingy. 40 minutes straight of that keeping my heart rate leveling at around 140 bpm. Funny, just after the 1st 20 min, there is a second gear that kicks in and I can almost actually go somewhere around 150-155 bpm with no problem. just reiterating that the gym is saving my ass right now. I guess literally too. haha. Ok, gotta get ready for my cool sculpting. Till next time :)