from my heart
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2019-10-17 03:06:42 (UTC)

im so tired

11:07 pm

so today i cut my thighs for the first time and idk how to feel bout that. i really like the blood and i really want to cut myself like a lot lot lot to see the blood just pour out. i wish i could be like a puddle of blood and like idk its satisfying but only thing thats stopping me rn is cause i really dont want to scar myself

i already have some scars and idk im just insecure abt them. i also kinda wanna stop pulling my hair and just cut for every time i want to pull my hair cause at least hair makes you pretty

i just wnanana anananan cut so badly like hahahhaha fuck fukc fuck fuck

im also super sleepy and feeling terrible

i wanted to like for once be a cute affectionate stable girl but that obviously isnt happening

idk whats happening anymore at this point

linkin park is really nice

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