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2019-10-16 07:55:20 (UTC)

Bought more need to haves

So I bought more clothes yesterday but not at my bargain basement place that sells new and used stuff. It's a little bit of an upgrade from a normal 2nd hand store. They do have some newer clothes but let's not sugar coat it. You can fill a little shopping cart full of clothes and not spend $100 dollars. No, I went and bought stuff from Amazon because Amazon is the bomb with getting you some good stuff. Some of it was for Faye but fast as they are, they can't ship fast enough than my former flip-flopping woman. lol

Anyway, I went to the mall yesterday and shopped at Target, Macys, and JC Penny. I had to try to keep up with the newer styles and some classics along with zero chance these clothes were worn by a now dead guy so there is that. I bought 5 pairs of pants because I lost an inch around my waste. They were all somewhat name brand stuff like Dockers, Calvin Klein, Armani, and I forget what else but several were straight leg slim type pants. You know, I've been working out for over two years now and I was so habitually buying baggy pants or non-slim at least because that's how I shopped because I was a little fat. I failed to realize I can now fit in different type of clothing like the slim fit stuff. Your mind is weird to be sure.

I also bought some nice shirts. One is a long sleeve that is a no-tuck style and you have to roll it up part ways to make it work. Also got some shirts that look like fancy T shirts but cost like fricking $30 each. Yipes!! Bought two of them. One black and one white. So the grand total was about $250-$300 maybe? That's usually enough for me to fill 4 small carts at Eco Thrift but you know what? Effe it! I'm worth it. I busted my ass all my life struggling and now that I don't have a girlfriend to have to wine and dine, I have more to spend on me :) Plus maybe it's my way of dealing with the emotional sadness maybe. But at least I'll look good in Canada next week and my pants won't be falling down on me.

My friend Jenny finally hit the wall. She was helping our friend that lost his wife. He is a mess and can't even be left alone for a day. He was on suicide watch and they had to lock up his firearms. They've scheduled visits to his house to comfort him. Today, she posted that she can't do it right now and is just too overwhelmed. Meanwhile, this armchair psychologist friend that I have was pointing out the skeletons in the closet of the dead wife and widower. Told her not the time for this and she wouldn't stop her stupid texting. Told her how this is helping any and why wasn't she helping the now deceased wife when she was alive. Couldn't take it anymore even though she is a hottie and blocked her ass from texting or calling me.

My other dart friends also broke up and they are doing their bullshit childish fighting... online of course. Got tired of that too and told them to sit their asses together and resolve the issue. I don't want to see mudslinging texts online anymore. And these are not high school kids. The lady is in her 40s and the guy in his 50s. What the hell you know?! I told my friend Susan why she don't have the virtual balls to just break up with him? She says it's common sense that they already are. Told her it's not common sense. Just say the 6 words "I am breaking up with you". We argued so much about this. She explains that the situation should make it common sense but I disagreed and called her out on it by saying "You've told me in hundreds of words why you are already broken up but you don't have the guts to tell him 6 words?" So yeah, she thinks they are broken up but he is acting like they aren't. Rolling my eyes.

I got enough problems dealing with my flip-flopping experience recovery. Fay had already agreed to go to the funeral with me this weekend saying her culture is respectful that way even if she didn't know her, I did. Then she offered to come check on my house while I was gone to Canada the week after to make sure my loony-roomy didn't set fire to the place. She is the one that offered. She also asked me to shave off my beard and mustache saying she likes her men shaven and find it sexier. Told her she'd have to pay for me to shave and she said she gladly will. Not even a day after shaving, she split and never even saw me clean shaven. Now here I am,..........alone. Sigh.. But still loving my clean pretty room. The red and white roses have bloomed beautifully. It's so nice waking up seeing this every morning.. along with my keurig too of course :)

I was able to get a load of laundry done and specifically, the 5 pairs of pants that I just bought so it would shrink a little then dropped it off at the taylor to get it hemmed in time before my Canada trip. My friend that was just overwhelmed with dealing with our friend's death couldn't even muster up to cook breakfast for herself. Funny how the heart just shuts down when depressed. Told her I'd get her anything and got her order and dropped it off of her place. We had a quick meal and off I went. She took a nap from the mental exhaustion.

When I got home, I decided to purge my clothes in my closets. I have so many. Some still from when I was overweight. I purged what I felt like purging and then started ironing. I was inspired I guess. Now I have so many empty plastic hangers. Now I have to purge the clothes in my dresser. Ugh...

Depressiong hasn't really hit me. Not sure why since I broke up. When I dropped off the food for my friend earlier today, she asked if I lost even more weight. I said yes, about 5-7 pounds from 160 to around 153 lbs. Told her it was the benefits of the divorce diet.

Looney roomy hasn't given me any grief in the past 3 weeks but I did hear her bitching about something to her friend on the phone. However, it wasn't about me thank goodness I think it's about her in house health care provider not taking her places or something like that. Didn't want to interfere. I'm holding on to my sanity as it is so I'm sorry, she needs to take care of her own mental issues like I'm doing with mine. I do know the answer to her problems though. Hit the gym. It will save your ass from the extreme anxiety that life can shove down your throat. No pills, no drugs, nothing can take it away except for the gym. I'm going tonight after I'm done organizing my room. But oh God, I hope loony-roomy don't knock on my door for anything.

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