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2019-10-16 00:58:56 (UTC)

Quiet day

Didn't make it to late lunch with friends. Too many errands and to be honest, it's hard to respect them now because two of them don't work. The husband hasn't had a full time job in 8 years. The wife hasn't worked in 6 months and hasn't been trying hard to work at all. That leaves my other friend and he's retired so he is fine in my book.

I have bigger goals in life and some say you are who you hang out with so it may make me seem like an ahole but it is what it is. My dream is still inside of me and I know what isn't making that dream come true. Faye tickled that dream. You know when you feel that puppy love and you are just on cloud 9 wherever you go? That was me for a little while. I recall being in the Supermarket and had my headphones on. I was just happy as can be 1/2 dancing around in the supermarket. It was short lived but I felt it just a bit and it felt great. That feeling came out of me. So I know I still have hopes of that kind of a life one day. Maybe not today but one day.

So it was cheap movie night and we were able to watch a movie. It was a comedy and I liked it. In fact, there is one part where the guy scores a new girlfriend and everything seems to come into place for him and he was all happy and giddy because he had met someone. I had to smile because I knew exactly how it felt and it felt great.

Got home and had some energy left. Afraid I may freak out from my breakup so I got off my ass and hit the gym. Stayed there till closing so I got a good workout. I did some jump rope once again and so far so good. No pain.

Forgot to mention something. This Thursday, I will try out this procedure call "Ice sculpting". It's not intrusive but they pretty much suck you belly fat with a big suction cup. All it will do is like a suction cup on your belly fat area. Then it'll freeze the fat. Supposedly, the fat is broken up and discharged naturally. I also bought more pants again. Dockers and Haggar I think. Also bought a few shirts. Looking alright.

No word from Fay since last Sunday. Not expecting one but it sure sucks when the feeling was so right and now she's gone possibly forever. And I'm ok with it but it still sucks when we had a lot of things in common and we had so much to talk about.... Not anymore :(

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