Do Not Disturb

2019-10-15 18:25:26 (UTC)

Doctor's appointment

I had my doctor's appointment today to do a follow up on my surgery and seeing how everything's going.

They gave me a shot on my butt so when they change my dressing/ wound I wouldn't feel a thing and I didn't when my mother chnaged it after I took a shower.

Going back to work tomorrow probably. Also school. But my mother said if, it's to much for me she's gonna have to withdraw me well, I'm gonna have to withdraw myself but to be honest I don't want her to or want to because... Why waste all that time trying to get me in ???

We ate pizza for dinner at this restaurant that we've never tried before called " Bibb Street Pizza" which was really good. I only had one slice of pizza.

I had to answer some questions they have given me on a sheet of paper and one of them was...

Have I ever thought about killing myself or, harming myself in any other way ?

I circled not at all but to be honest sometimes I have and I actually did once but that was a while back in high school.

Now I'm thinking about eating another pizza. Their salad wasn't all that great. I mean... Who puts olives and pepperoni pizza in a garden salad. Absolutely no one but Bibb's Street Pizza. Other than that, the pizza was great.

I told my mother that I was gonna get me another slice of pizza from the restaurant we just had and you wanna know what she said," How many pizzas have you had ?" Like, what does that have to do with me getting another slice of pizza... ???


Then, here comes my brother storming in. Of coarse, he had to say a rude comment about it but I just told my mother that I had one pizza because I did only have ONE pizza.

My brother annoyed me all day today that he actually gave me a headache.

My doctor checked my weight today. I weighed exactly 178.6 pounds when I thought I lost at least 10 pounds after surgery because I haven't been eating. But ever since I got my appetite back my weight is coming back to bite me in the ass...

I need new work pants for work since, my old work pants had dog hair all over it and ended up throwing it away.

My Grandma gave me this super cute Paris journal the other day that I might just end up writing in after I'm done with my current journal. The one with the butterflies all over it that I got a long time ago at Books A Million where I get most of my journals from either that or, Wal Mart.

I just heard a loud noise in the house and my brother did as well and we have no clue what it is and now I'm kind of scared because I don't know what it is.

Okay, I'm done writing.

Mood : Kind of ready for tomorrow

- A