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2019-10-15 20:05:42 (UTC)

Tuesday Thoughts

Dear Diary,
I cannot wait to go back to work tomorrow. Today unfortunately sucked. Except spending time with my amazing father and wonderful mother, never gonna hear me disrespect them, today was boring. I watched about 5-6 shows, watched a movie, and had lunch with my dad. Then I ventured off on my own for awhile. Home gets boring unless there is something really to do. I went drink shopping (water and soda). Then I went to the movies, which was kinda depressing. Going to the movies alone is never fun. I did buy two tickets, in case a friend wanted to go or magically my girl showed up. But alas, nobody showed up and so I sat alone. Then I went to the gym, which has become depressing lately, since I don't have gym buddies anymore. I used to have 3, then 2, then 1, now it's rare that I have a gym buddy. Then I came home, watched my team lose (baseball). Had dinner and now writing here. I did talk to my girl today, but I did not see her. I miss her and cannot wait until Sunday to see her again. Night all.