Experienced Life
2019-10-15 10:04:20 (UTC)

Today hopefully a quiet one

Ok. So I hope I don't do anything else stupid today. Got three things on my schedule. Late lunch early dinner with friends at this place called "Joes Crab Shack". Sounds like a crappy joint but it's actually great seafood and very busy near the waterfront here in Sacramento. I picked the time so that I can make cheap movie night with my other peeps. Hopefully by then, the alcohol will have been filtered from last night and I can get my workout done.

I grabbed my face in the morning only to be reminded that I freaking shaved my mustache and beard. Last night, my friends told me I look funny and I look better with hair of my face. Dang it!!! I have to live with this stupid face for awhile before it grows back. Sigh...

I also just loaded the app and turned my account back on for this dating site I've had. I removed my profile and deleted my app during one of the times Faye was on the "Flip" portion of her flip-flopping. haha. I tweaked my profile and made it short and sweet instead of all the bullcrap people normally put on there. Uploaded new pics too so it's very current unlike some of the ones I see that are over 10 years old. Since we post our age, no misunderstandings like I had with the Faye will happen. I also didn't post a pic of me in front of my truck. I hear that is a turn off. I didn't post any with sunglasses on and no pics of just flowers, our dog, or landscaping that doesn't even show me in it.

You'd be surprised the pics I see on women's profiles. Your dog? Really? Sorry, not into beastiality. Landscape only pics? Well, I don't want to date flowers or the mountains and rivers. Some don't have anything other than head shots. Usually that means that they are fat. Yup, I'm an asshole for saying that but why hide it when they will see you on your first date anyway? May as well be upfront with it.

That remind's me of Jen. I met her on this app. The one that lives in Oakland. I think she caught the hint that we were nice to each other but I only liked her as a friend. I think she wanted more but it wasn't in my heart. She was cool and all. She did nothing wrong. She just didn't move me in a way that was romantic.

As I rub my face, I'm again reminded I shaved my stuff off. haha. My friends last night said it even made me look older. WTF?!! Really? Less hairy made me look older? As if I needed to be even more depressed? haha. This shit is gonna grow for sure. Counting the days. Hopefully by next Sunday I'll have a little something-somethin going :)

I'm still digging my room. Waking up to see my flowers and the smell of them permeating in the room. Nice enough to wake up with a smile. I never put flowers in my bedroom before.I think it's worth losing my man-card for a day.

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