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2019-10-15 11:29:24 (UTC)

Cool Tuesday

Hello guys I have just sign in this site soo.. first of all I don't know English well and I am bad at grammar soo.. I hope you could understand me. I am from India and my name is shammas 16years old and let's get to the topic

Today I haven't gone to school because today is annual day in my school and its soo boring i think only few of my friends gone school today soo I am in home all time today I don't have anything I am bored playing pokemon and rune factory.I thought my phone's internet data had expired but I turned on the mobile data and I noticed that I have 500mb left wow . I started to explore the chrome and INSTAGRAM and what'sapp. Read stories online bla.blah..blah....
So I don't think today is a boring day after all and I got good food today anyway tommorow also I don't want to go to school..

.......THE END......