Experienced Life
2019-10-15 03:09:49 (UTC)

Dumbass moment

Oh boy!! I don't remember texting, fb posting, or emailing anyone! Hahah. What a dumbass thing to do. I checked Facebook and although I don't recall posting shit, I did. Thank goodness it wasn't bad. I'm also glad I removed all info for Faye. Whew!! Who knows what I would've posted. But alas, I think from my last post here that I emailed my ex gf. AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! What did I do? Effing dumbass. I don't want to see or know what I posted. I just hope it wasn't lame and desperate. haha.

I feel so stupid but last night was so much fun playing darts and dinner at my place with my friends. I felt relaxed and good and buzzed :) I'm going to group delete my sent emails and group delete my deleted emails. I'm sure it was stupid and I don't want to see it so lesson learned. Don't be a dumbass like me and drunk text anyone.

Dang, I got so wasted last night. You know one of those days where you feel lucky to be alive with both arms and legs attached after you partied so hard? haha. Doubt I'll be able to survive the gym today without wanting to puke my guts out.

I did some reading again for self help issues. Respect was the topic. Being honest is a big thing to do and maintain. Even when it's a hard situation that may hurt someone mentally. Sometimes it's scary and it takes some courage but it gotta be done to be that guy. I think I do this and been like this for awhile now. I always say to tell the truth that way, you don't have to memorize your lies. Treating other people well. Don't argue to be right.. communicate to understand and to fix the issue. I'm not supposed to hold grudges. Yeah, that one is tough. I know I have to work on that but at least I know and try. I need to remember to love myself. Get that and good things will happen. Love your life.

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