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2019-10-13 17:03:37 (UTC)

Still here

It's a new day. Still here. The sun did rise as always and so did I. Woke up to a nice clean room with my roses in a red see through vase blooming on the dresser and can't help but smile. The room permeates with the smell of roses. Walking into the bathroom and liking the now organized bathroom with those bins :) Not a piece of clothing on the hardwood floors! Yay! Oh God, please don't let me have to give up my man-card. lol

I still like myself. It wasn't taken away. Here's how my strange mind sees this event that just happened. I came in with $100. I found someone with $100 that made us better with a $200 bank. She left. It hurt but I look at myself and see that I still have $100 on me. I didn't lose myself and it's still the same old me :) So I can still smile and I know I'll be fine. I just need to dust myself off and be presentable.

Of course, yesterday was tough. I had all this food for her because of the meal prep planned. I got drunk. Had too. Then I cooked the food and wrapped them in foil. Some food that could be frozen was put in the freezer. I cooked the salmon and some of the chicken. Glad the chicken is packaged in portions so each section are like 3-4 pieces of chicken thighs. Cooked one portion and tossed the rest into the freezer. I bought frozen shrimp so that's easy and left it in the freezer. Some that can't go anywhere, I texted my friend that is a single Mom and offered her some food. So that is that for food.

My dart friends will be coming over maybe tonight. If they do, that's fine. If not, I'll hit the gym and that too is fine. Either way, I''m set for day one after Faye. My few final thoughts on her. She will miss me. She may even try to contact me. Dunno. I'm just guessing on this. I no longer have a way to contact her as I cleaned up my act last night. All info about her including any pics has been removed.

Today, I only got this physical therapy session. That's about it. Looking forward to what happens next in my life. Hopefully it's full of nice happy events especially since the holidays are coming up soon, Don't want to be a Debbie-Downer. Who wants that?

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