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2019-10-13 13:41:57 (UTC)

Girlfriend flip part two

Haha. I'll be meeting my friends for dinner so I have almost an hr to kill. Gonna do it here. So when girlfriend called earlier, she said that her friends really wanted for her to go with them to a show and if it was ok. Told her I didn't own her but she said she also promised me to go out too. Told her not to worry. I'm in it for the long run so no problem. Then she continued with all the reasons why we shouldn't be together. I replied by saying that I'm a more positive person and pointed out how we like to talk on the phone for hrs at a time. When we are together, it's pretty good and we are in our own world. So I said I'm not going to chase her but if she only sees the negative, then that means this is a one way connection and we need two for this to work.

So we extended this missed date to decide whether or not she wants to be with me. She says she can't decide right away and I again indicated she doesn't need to decide right away but thank about it and when she does, let me know. She instead said we should break up and if she ends up liking me to the T, then she will reach out but if I'm already with someone, then that's on her. I agreed. So we have broken up.

I now have to start the healing process. I do feel good about what I learned from this relationship though. I won't list them now but there were positives from this intense but short relationship. I have a feeling that she will miss me and when she has time on her hands to think, she will want to see me. I already deleted her pics of us on dates and in bed. I deleted her contact ph# so I won't be able to call her if I wanted to. I have her address somewhere so I'll delete that soon too. I even deleted the addresses on my Amazon prime. Still had addresses of my ex wife, ex gf, and this now ex gf. Cleaned it all up.

But the timing is pretty good. I'll be busy for the next 3-4 weeks. I have a funeral to go to next weekend. Then I will be in Canada after that. Then a week later, I'll be back at work and my favorite gym. Missed my gym and my friends there. My superstar friend will be coming back from Mexico a week after that. So it's all good. And by that time, my freaking mustache will be back to full swing. haha. I shaved it off for Faye and she never even saw it. Dang!!! Too funny. My beard? I may wait for that for now. Let my mustache grow first. Then if I feel like it, let my beard grow. I dunno. I may grow it back the same time I grow my mustache. Haven't decided yet but it will grow back.