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2019-10-13 05:23:37 (UTC)

Another nice Sunday morning

Woke up early for no reason other than getting my morning coffee in bed earlier I guess. With a press of my Keurig button on my nightstand, coffee starts :) I haven't mastered it yet but I still have to stand up and get out of bed to make it. lol I'll get it one day. So while I wait a few min, I figure go online and post whatever the heck I want.

Went to pee first of course. No issues with my hard on challenge. I waited a few min for it to die down. I glanced at the bathroom mirror as I walked in and said to myself.. "Yipes!!!" I had forgotten that I shaved off my mustache and beard. Felt almost like being punked for passing out at a dorm party. But no, I did it to myself. Funny that when I breath, it feels colder because when I exhale through my nose, there is no mustache to diffuse the exhale so my upper lip area gets cold. Good thing my penis doesn't breath because I sort of shave down there too. I wouldn't want anything down there to be cold too :)

So.... I feel bad but my close friend S knows I won't be going to the wine bus tour and instead going elsewhere with Faye. She broke up with her bf and I sort of really persuaded her to go. She should go anyway and go without me. She needs to find herself and she don't go out much. I've told her to do stuff like this for years and she finally has done it. Now she's a little pissed I'm not going but you know, you gotta kick them out of the nest to try their wings. Feel bad but I need to do something for me wherever this thing with Faye leads me to. I can't stay idle anymore. I've been dormant for a year not dating and self improving so I think it's time to try again.

I didn't even tell my friend that organized this bus tour. I paid her so no problem with that but I bought two tickets and she wants me to go. We are close and have gone through a lot together so she will be upset that I'm not going. I feel bad but this thing with Faye is still new. I won't abandon my friends. I just need this new thing to at least get off the ground first and build some kind of foundation. When it's a little stable and I can nourish it from it's infancy, then I can be there for my friends again. I know they're important and I'll never just ignore them. But I still didn't tell Heidi I'm not going. Ugh...I will later this morning.

Otherwise, I wake up to a nice clean room. I put my roses on my dresser and the buds are starting to open up nicely. I'm liking the red and white rose combo. I have my heater on so it's nice and toasty in here. Not a piece of clothing on the floor. I don't flop around in bed so making it this morning will be a cinch. I have Pandora playing while I'm typing. My little muscles aren't hurting much from yesterday's workout. Neck feel good. I checked and weighed in at 153 so that's below my normal low of 155 lbs. Life is pretty good this morning.

I think I can squeeze in a short cardio workout at the gym or go to an early church service before Faye comes. That is if she comes. haha. You know what? I shouldn't even joke about that huh? Doh!! Might jinx myself :) I even got my farmer's market cart out of the garage ready to go.

I got a response last night for why I checked my ex gf's profile. Like I said, she changed her hairstyle and indicated new life and forgetting the past blah blah blah. I was told by a reader and it's probably true. I'm curious and want to make sure she's ok. Not wanting her back but also not wanting her to be sad because we were together for a year and we were intimate at one point. While it's true, I don't want to be with her anymore, I just want to make sure she is ok. I hope she's changed her mind regarding sleeping with that cop that is married. She was seeing him for a little bit before we started dating. She indicated it was just for sex and as long as it's consenting adults, it's ok. I didn't agree before and I don't agree now. If she does, she does and it's none of my business. I and everyone else know that that is a losing scenario not matter the outcome. Hope she finds her happiness. I know when she broke up with me that she wanted to spend time with her family and focus on them. I know it's bull crap because everyone would like to or at least feels like they want someone special in their life. That's all I can say about her. Her new hairstyle does look better though but she refuses to color it and even though she thinks it's cool, sorry but gray hair isn't sexy. She's only in her mid 40s too.

Ok, time to finish my coffee so I can get my ass outta bed and make the most out of this beautiful Sunday day :)

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