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2019-10-13 00:41:35 (UTC)

Saw a post from my ex gf

So my ex gf and I still have friends that we both are fb friends. So at times, we see each other's posts when we have mutual friends posting stuff. So I did peek at her profile but we aren't friends. She changed her hairstyle and posted it as her new profile indicating "time for a change and to let go of the past". So... haha. the dumper is also effected by things. Or possibly a mid-life crisis thing maybe. Dunno. That's as far or as much thought that I will give.

I do know one thing and I've read about this in the past year. Breakups effects both sides. There is no winner really. You take a hit even as the dumper. This is proof as she posted about wanting a change and letting go of the past. It did to me too. I mean why should I put in this much effort to look at her profile? Curious maybe? I don't know but I do know it's a waste of time so why do it. Not sure about the answer just yet. Shoulders shrugging.

Girlfriend should be coming in the morning. Got a date to go to Denios :) It's just a big ass swap meet with a farmer's market in it too. But it's going to be a nice somewhat warm sunny day tomorrow so the walk will do us good. We still can chat and we're good at chatting. At least this time, it'll be during the daytime and not till 4 in the morning.

Left her a text message. Let her know that the front door is unlocked so feel free to come whenever. She didn't bite and isn't here though damn it :) She'll probably come by at around 10-11 AM. That works because I stay up late and I don't do mornings so well. haha. Not while I'm on leave from work anyway.

BTW, my bedroom is clean now. I even have two dozen roses on my now clear dresser (12 red and 12 white for a good contrast). They smell nice and fill the bedroom air with a nice real aroma. I sort of wish Faye was here though. Last week she was here all comfy taking naps in her panties as if we've been sleeping together for awhile. It was nice. . She had no problem with it and I liked seeing her in pink panties. She at times had and didn't have her shirt on. Depended on what we had just done.

I hope she comes early in the morning so that we can maybe snuggle for a bit and have breakfast before we head on out. Right now would be good but it's late and I'm sure she is passed out sleeping at her Dad's home that is for sale. No one is in it so that's her temp housing here in Sac while she visits for the weekend.

We did talk last week about her bringing a little overnighter. She said yes but you know how that is. It symbolizes a commitment in a weird way and a step further so it might mess with her head and she may back out. Maybe. I'm ok with that. That is still sort of pushing it maybe but still, it'd sure be nice if we can get passed this issue. Just get comfy, crawl in bed with me and we can sleep the night away. Doesn't seem to be too much of a request. At least that's what I'm thinking.

No reply from Faye regarding my request text for her to come over. Time for bed then :) Good night for now peeps.

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