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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2019-10-13 01:41:38 (UTC)

Half Way

So I had the chance to meet my new friend from out time in Seattle half wY between our hometowns She was going to spend the weekend with her sister and her family. Needless to say the raw uninhibited passion hasn’t dwindled any. Before I could get into the room I was already fingering her in the elevator. So fucking wet. As the door opened she licked my fingers clean of her wonderful juices.

We fucked for hours. Doggie missionary 69 anal. She cane 6 times and sucked me off twice. Swallowing my load once and taking a facial the second time. She was drenched in my cum.

We slept for a few hours before she drove over to her sisters house. This morning she was going to go fir a run but cane to the room where we fucked one last time. Both of us cumming together.

Until I see her again