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2019-10-12 08:17:36 (UTC)

Gym pains and self awareness

Man oh man!! I am hurting from the gym. I good kind of hurt. I focused on my abs and quads last time I went. Now the muscles for these are hurting!!! It's a good hurt though. Muscles are torn and rebuilding I hope. Don't want this ache to be all for nothing. My weight is good. I've been below 155 lbs for a bit now. Eating right. Not drinking much. Stevia in my coffee. All good. I'm going to put in some gym time this morning. Saturdays are good. You can go in all grungy without showering first or even brushing your teeth (haha) because not many peeps are in the gym on a Saturday morning. Probably a lot of debauchery happens on Friday nights :)

Then after the gym, I'm going to buy a spiral ham and smoke it. My friend will drop it off for me at the widower's house John. I recall he loved my smoked ham a few years ago and maybe just maybe make him feel a little less pain from losing his wife last Monday.

Fay? I've been misspelling her nickname all this time. It's Faye not Fay but whatever. Her true Iranian name is hard to pronounce and I don't know if I can even spell it yet. haha. We got a date tomorrow. Tonight is also a maybe depending on what she is doing with her lady friends. When I last spoke to her, I asked her if she told anyone about us yet. She said she told her yoga instructor about us. I'm thinking huh? Is he the equivalent to someone like a bartender or something where you tell your little secret and get an opinion on it? I dunno.

I did have time for myself for some more self improvement thinking. Just because I'm seeing someone doesn't mean I should not keep self improving myself. So I did. Spent some time with my lame attempt to meditate and self monitoring myself to make sure I don't do certain things.
1) Don't overextend yourself by offering to do or give too much.
2) Don't lose my self worth and put Faye on a pedestal
3) Don't be needy even though you are feeling all giddy with this new thing.
4) It's ok to want but not need her. Can't forget that.
5) Don't forget to spend time on my other baskets of life (friends, family, hobbies, etc, etc)
6) Take my sweet ass time. Time is needed for things to cook. Even relationships
7) Just keep it simple and just like myself :)