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2019-10-12 09:06:11 (UTC)

Off and on chances...

We are in the mountains for the long weekend and i am doing my best to make opportunities. i asked him to run to the grocer this morning for a number of items we didn't bother stopping for on the way up yesterday. He also spotted a little cigar bar that he said he'd like to check out sometime this weekend so i am guessing sometime later this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon might be a good time to "suggest" he go try it. i don't know what excuse i can come up with tomorrow morning but i will do my best to find a little window to see You.
i was here for a bit this morning. i'd suggest checking in around 3 or 4 this afternoon if You are around and have time.
Patience please while we work out this new wrinkle.....
Love, and miss You terribly....