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2019-10-11 21:46:46 (UTC)

El Camino

El Camino means 'The way, road or path', which I will speak about later in this entry. Firstly I want to talk about the Breaking Bad film, also named El Camino. There won't be any spoilers, so don't worry. I thought it was beautifully directed. Vince Gilligan is a genius and I honestly don't think anybody other than Aaron Paul could have played this character. He is beyond captivating. I still remember him in the KoRn video 'Thoughtless', and he was brilliant in that too. Sadly I never got into 'Better Call Saul', but I adored 'Breaking Bad'. Considering Jesse was a character alleged to be written off after the first season, his arc is by far the most captivating, and this really did his character justice. I encourage everybody to check it out, it's on Netflix! 'El Camino' gets me thinking. Not just the film, but the words; the way, the road, the path. I still don't even know where mine is heading.

I often think that I do, but then my focus shifts. I guess maybe part of me feels that by studying creative writing, I'll find myself in a similar spot to when I wanted to pursue acting. It's just not easy. I can write. I can write forever. One of my friends mentioned to me a while ago, if I graduated university...what would I do with my degree, how would I apply that to something? as opposed to being a doctor, or a nurse, or something like that. I guess this is somewhat a grey area for people who aren't focused or clued up on it. It does get me thinking. Will I get lucky and land in a field that I'm suited to, or hungry for? Will I go on to write a book? I don't know. I really don't. You think you do know your path, your road, your way...but then you second guess and overthink and suddenly, you're back to square one.

I was always interested in law enforcement. I say 'always', I watched a lot of Dexter a few years ago and became obsessed with it. I think I just wanted to be like Doakes. He was so cool. I did genuinely become very intrigued with psychology, analysing and things like that. This access course covers Psychology so I could potentially look at options for something like that. It's just more realistic. I don't know. So many people have reached out to me about creative writing, and I do feel like it's the thing I'm 'best' at. I'm not good at many things, so this is an easy front runner. I have to sort things out for university by January; choose the universities I would be interested in and the course I want to do. Time is ticking Edd, find El Camino.


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