Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
2019-10-09 12:00:00 (UTC)


Is not what this.

There were things I wanted to get down today, but my time was taken away.

I don’t speak like I write so this has always been the way I get stuff out. There was the time before when I was watched this way, it was the only way I would let anyone in, because the words don’t come in real life. I can’t let go of the mask and no one has ever seen past it for long enough to get me out. But here, I can type what I need to and not read it back.

I read back yesterday’s and realised how badly typed it was. So by way of explanation, that’s why it’s typed so badly, because I don’t proof read, otherwise all I would end up with was “it was a good day” like in real life.

Anyway, Back to catching ribbons and trying to stop the unraveling again. That’s a story for another day.

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