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2019-10-09 06:32:32 (UTC)

Spoke to my girlfriend????

Haha. I spoke to some close friends recently and wanted their opinions regarding Fay. They are all women and they've been my friend for years. Two of them says to leave and be thankful I saw this early. One says to just slow down and don't give up on Fay just yet. Funny thing is that the one that says to stay usually goes through boyfriends every quarter. I told her so too and we both laughed. But she did say that look at the other two that says to leave. Heidi said both of the other women are going through breakups right now so how much should I consider their opinion in this state? So yeah, that's something to consider. Now I can think for myself but I like to hear opinions to see other points of view. Even one of my fellow readers on this site said pretty much the same thing. My gal is flip-flopping around and a little too concerned about the general public's opinion.

So my gal and I spoke last night. Hard to call her girlfriend as I don't quite know the state of her thinking. I guess we are still together but we are going to take it down a notch. One thing is true. We sure did start off really quick. I guess that may partly my fault. Meet her one day. 1st date I touch her down below but with her clothes on. 2nd date and we go out of control and go all the way? Yeah..... I guess I'm guilty and she said so. I did tell her that it takes two and she is partly to blame but she didn't think so. She is claiming to have zero fault because she tried to hold off until she no longer could stand it and succumbed to her temptation. I was on the phone so I was rolling my eyes but whatever.

I do agree that we did go too fast. We both said we need to slow down so yeah, I guess that's ok. Not quite sure about our next steps since we already made love. Maybe for now, we don't do anything this Sunday since we did do a lot the first two dates. haha. But how will that go when we already did what we did?

Anyway, she is still going to the wine tasting bus tour this Sunday. Since she don't really drink, I asked her to drive us to the tour bus pickup site and she agreed. I'll buy her some sparking apple cider so she can still have a wine glass and drink socially with us. After the tour, we are going to head out to my place and we're going to do some meal prepping. She told me it's hard for her because if she's in Sacramento on the weekend, by the time she gets home at night, it's kinda late.

I like cooking anyway so I suggested we have dinner at my place and meal prep for her too. So that's the plan. Can we keep it G rated this Sunday? haha. I'll give it a try but no guarantees because I know I have way too much of a healthy sexual drive. She always tries not to go to far but she goes to the dark side too. She just doesn't want to admit it to try to fool herself to be a goodie-goodie. To be continued :)

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