Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2019-10-08 13:15:32 (UTC)


Seems to be another beautiful day, winters on its way and the air is getting chill. There’s still the odd dragon fly about, but it won’t be long til the rain starts and if we’re really lucky, the snow.

Heads straight again, slept well, nothing disturbed me last night. Nothing straightens the head out more than a good nights sleep...

Today I have plenty to say and no words to say it with. I’ve got a pressure in my chest I could do without, but I can’t get rid of it.

Walls are still up, but I’m standing at the door with one ear to the wood, ever listening to what’s going on outside. It’s paranoia thing, one foot in front of the other walls everyone to a destination, but I’m more of a left and right, stumble kinda person.

Like riddles? I guess you could say I’ve locked myself in with a riddle that I can’t remember. Some would say getting the answer is just luck, but That’s why the doors are locked and I’m this side of them... *waves*

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