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2019-10-07 08:16:52 (UTC)

Storm has passed and......

Well, I got some very interesting news. Weirdest turn of events in my life. Not sure where I last left off. I think it was waiting for the dear john call.
I was at a festival with friends when I got the call. It was pretty loud so when Fay called, she knew I was at some event and politely said she'd call me back in a few hrs. She had to go grocery shopping anyway. That was cool of her. I mean nothing like being dumped ever so politely and all.

Festival was over. Went home waiting for the inevitable. Got the call and we made some nice polite small talk. Then I had to deal with the elephant in the room and told her I'd like to say something before she speaks and she said ok. Pretty much told her about how we met and what happened since then. I said how we seem to match and everything we do clicks. It's early but I told her I felt we have something going on here that is special. But, I also said I understand how she feel and that I know her mind is pretty much made up and it's not up for debate. I just wanted to let her know what I felt and thought. Then it was her turn.

She said that we did get along well it's the age difference and how it's too much. I disagreed but I knew it was a mute point and she already made up her mind. She is worried about what her family would think especially her Dad. So she said we can't be. I knew it and for some reason, I was ok with it. Not tragic emotional crap thank goodness. I was not going to beg for her to change her mind. I know well enough from what I learned that this is the worse thing to do. So... That was that.

She did say I left a shirt at her place and wanted to return it. Told her to just throw it away and I have a lot of shirts but she says it's nice shirt from Calvin Klein and she is the type of person that doesn't want to waste things. She asked if she could come by and return it. She was in town and can come over. I didn't know she was so I said ok. She came and waited outside in her car to come get it. I did and she asked if I wanted to just go around and drive around. No agenda or anything and the night was young. Don't know about young since it was around 10:30 at night. Told her ok and asked if she wanted to twist that dagger into my heart one last time just to make sure. haha. I was kidding but I thought it fit the situation. Told my friend what was happening and she told me that I'm about to be "Friend zoned". Ugh... freaking fantastic!!!! Not!!!

Drove around town and my friend was right. She did want to friend zone me. Fay said that she does enjoy talking to me and that she doesn't want to lose that. She asked if we could. Told her I don't know and that I do have women friends, lots of them but they started off as friends and that's how it grew. Fay's and my situation is different. Asked Fay thoughts of what she think I would feel if she told me she was dating a dude (as this is what happens with friends) Happy or sad? So that is what I use to gauge if I can be a women's friend. Told her I'm more than fine with my women friend when they do this but I would not be ok with this if she told me this. Again, she said we were only romantically involved for a week so she said since it's early on, if I could change. Told her I'll have to think long and hard about it and I'd let her know. It was fair to ask and she was right, it was only about a week or two so maybe. Just maybe.

Something I pointed out was that I don't hold hands women friends of mine and I was saying while parked in the car with her....holding her hands! I again asked and sort of told her that I was being affectionate to her and feeling romantically involved with her not because I was just delusional. I said that I could feel her responding to me in a receptive vibe too so it's not just me after her. I asked if what I'm feeling is true or not. She wouldn't answer and I pushed for it and asked again while looking at her directly at her eyes. She said again "No" I was wrong and that sense I could feel was due to testosterone and this and that chemical. Well, that's what I get for dating a scientist. Rolled my eyes.

Subject changed and we talked about her life, my life and all sorts of interesting topics. We as usual got along well talking about anything and everything. There were no quiet moments or awkwardness at all. We just talked freely without having to think about it. I had to again aske to make sure if we didn't have anything because I once again said I could feel vibes that she too was into me. She again confirmed with a "No".

The night was getting even later and I decide it was time to go home. May as well start facing the inevitable of this last night together. It was a nice talk considering I was getting dumped. We did have a lot to say and it was fun. That's what she said was nice about me and didn't want to lose that and wanted to keep seeing me as a friend and among other things, because I make her laugh with my weird sense of humor. So I said this friend thing means you will be seeing me from time to time also? She said yes so she could get to be more friends with me. I agreed but this agreement was just to end it. No intentions of ever seeing her again. It's true, I knew her for a few weeks but that's what will make it easier for me to forget about her and to be honest, I was not feeling devastated about this breakup or actually a not-even-started relationship. I was glad I was going to be fine with this. Whew.

She used the bathroom while I stayed well away in the kitchen because she was nervous about me and her under the same roof. haha. She came out and I walked her out through the garage. My truck and kayak trailer allowed for a narrow path so we could only walk single file at one point. Let her go first and that's when I gave her one last hug from behind around her waist and said "Well, this is it then. This is how this ends huh?" I held her for a few minutes and she let me. She tilted her head back towards me and held my arms while I hugged her. Can't really kiss her if I tried because I was behind her so I started to kissed her neck. She closed her eyes and said I was making it hard for her. Then she said I'm making it hard for her and was making it hard for her to be doing the right thing. I turned her around and kissed her and said she couldn't take it anymore. She said I tore down her inhibitions and confessed that she likes me a lot but was just trying to be the smarter of the two and was doing what she felt was the right thing to do. She said that I was looking so sexy all night and that she wanted to kiss me all night long looking at my neck when we were in the car. She said she missed me since I left her place that Sunday during our first date. I had forgotten my shirt at her place and she did confess that she smelled my shirt and loved the smell of me.

We were still in the garage and the garage door was open. She said that this isn't a private place to be doing this. That's all I needed to hear. Grabbed her hand, closed the garage door and walked into the house leading into the kitchen. We started kissing more. This time with a lot more passion going hard and heavy and hugged and sort of dry humped too. It was getting way intense. She then said she found me so sexy and loved my earring on me. Funny thing, in all of this she had forgotten to get me back my shirt.

I thought this was a nice way to end things because I didn't think we'd ever kiss again much less all these confessions about how she felt about me. Then she asked if we could go somewhere else because she was concerned about my roommate. haha. No need to tell me more. I lead her to my bedroom. We still talked a lot more about so many things and her experience with dating an older man and I told her about my ex wife. So we discussed things not in anger from our exes but we did that to understand each other. She asked how I can be so positive about life and more specific women since my ex really effed me over. Told her why would we do that? That's like letting the ex win and what's worse, they are dong that to you even when they aren't here or even aware of your pain. So that was something she never thought of and thanked me.

There were a lot of talking but yes, of course, we got intimate. We actually made love all night long. We only did three things pretty much. Talk, nap, make love. No bragging or anything but she said she can't believe how I can go on all night long. The passion in her face when we make love can't be described. Normally when we talk, she has a nice sweet disposition in her. but when making love, she looks at me like she is going to eat me alive. Oh man the intensity in her face was dang sexy. When she cums, that part I will keep privately for myself and don't want to share that in my diary but no movie can even reenact that. She came around 7 times that night and when I asked if she would like one more go of it, she in jest said I broke it, curtains have closed, it will never work again, etc, etc. We both laughed so hard. She did comment about how hard I was and that my girth was huge. I thanked her for keeping my man card and we laughed some more.

Funny, later she asked how my ex wife would even want to fool around on me when she would have more than enough sex with me to want anyone else. Again we laughed. There were a lot more intense deep discussions that I'll keep private. Pretty much though about where do we go from here. Biggest was the concern she has about other people but we both made some big decisions and decided we both are going to be a couple. So there you have it. We are now a couple and will have to face the adversity of this difference in age. What is going good for us is that I look way younger than I really am. I told my new girlfriend that i believe it's due to working out and exercising. She said no, it's because of something else. Her scientist brain explained the human biology but I can't remember her scientist talk. I rolled my eyes laughing and said my little scientist and how cool it is to learn her side of the world. Told her that regarding the human body knowledge, she is like a human Alexa. She laughed again.

She still had a long drive home an hr 20 min away without traffic and she had first to get back to her place here in Sac first. It's her Dad's home that is listed for sale. She's using it as a pit stop while in Sacramento so she still needs to go there first. Shower, change of clothing and much needed rest. Then leave for work in Novato so that'd me she'd have to leave Sac in the morning at 6AM which isn't much rest. She was at my place till midnight! That's over 24 hrs. Yipes!!!

Sent her a text with a pic of us I took while we were laying in bed together (fully clothed). We do make a pretty cool couple. Mostly because of her. haha. She thanked me and called me honey and that she'll call me tonight :) So there you go. Not quite the tragedy I was expecting. I now have a girlfriend. We are now a couple. We have our challenges but agreed to work as a team to take it on together. Funny how life is. For now, life is good and I'm going to ride life as it gives it. For now, we'll take it one week at a time. She and I will be at a cocktail party this coming Saturday. To be continued...........

I told two of my closest friends (both women). Susan is very happy with me and thinks that the age thing is just a number and shouldn't even be an issue. My other friend Jenny told me to be cautious but she said since she already spent the night, that cautious part is already out the window. She just said to be careful because Fay is very concerned about other people's thoughts/opinions that shouldn't matter like neighbors and such.

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