Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2019-10-06 15:14:02 (UTC)

Can anybody see?

Can they?

Is the world losing those who see? Or are those who see not looking?

People are so scared of eye contact, feel so threatened by it. People can’t seem to explain why, other than “it’s really intimate”. Do they see what can be seen or is the water too muddy?

So do you see? I mean do you really look and see? See what’s there to see, not what they want you to see or worse, what YOU want to see. Not just the bits lit by candles, but the shadows too? You don’t need to see in the dark to see in the shadows, like you don’t need to know a persons story to see who they are.

There’s more to a person than the masks we wear, although most people only have one or two, normally that they don’t even know they’re wearing. Those with control will try and hide, but they can’t hide what’s behind they’re eyes. They can light candles by what they want you to see but shadows don’t hide things from those who see. Masks don’t make you anything other than you to someone who sees you.

So I ask a little differently, has anyone ever truly looked at you, seen you and known...you?

Or are you scared of those who see?

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