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2019-10-06 10:58:08 (UTC)


Morning all,
So, in my life, I have had one time when multiple women liked me. It was when I was 18 and in a really rough patch in my life and two girls became interested in me. I've already mentioned that in my earlier entries and the past is the past. Now as I write, I got a problem. I have two women competing for my heart and one more that I have a crush on. Have I figured out what I want? Yes and no. I know if the opportunity was there, my girl would be my wife, but she's married. My x has feelings for me, that I still have 1% feelings for. I don't care what people say, when you are in a relationship, you'll always love your x or have some feelings towards them. Now I have a crush on the intern at my job. She is shy, cute, and unavailable. I cannot ask her out right now and would have to wait until December if I chose to pursue it. So what's the problem? I don't really want anyone except my girl. I am happy with her, I love being with her, doing things with her, spoiling her, and loving her. I do wonder though, could my x be the one, especially with my girl being unavailable. Or should I wait for Christmas and ask the intern out? I don't wanna lose what I have with my girl right now. I know everyone would say, stick to what you have. But right now, it's a shared relationship with her husband, which isn't fair to either of us or her. So...if my x was to date me, then it's just strictly us and no games. If it's the intern, well it's a Christmas opportunity. Anyway...I am seeing my girl today, which is the highlight of my week. More later....