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2019-10-05 18:49:57 (UTC)

Well, the storm is coming!!

OK, Fay called me earlier but I was in the middle of something so she was nice and said she'll call back in a couple hrs. Pretty cool of her. So civil. So if it's a Dear John call, it'll be here shortly. I'm home now with bottle of alcohol to ease the pain should it suck. Also, next to me is some mail that looks bad. I already know it. For another issue so that too is gonna rip my a new asshole once I'm done reading it too. I felt this coming for a few days now and I'm scared to face the offing music but face it I must. No other choice. So...tick tock I guess till the call comes. I won't open these letters till after my call with Faye. Should be anytime between now and an hr from now. Crap!!!! it's torture waiting and at the same time, I"m scared to face the music.