Do Not Disturb

2019-10-05 20:27:27 (UTC)

Birthday tomorrow

And I'm still stuck in this hell hole of a hospital trying to get better. And honestly I'm feeling a LOT little better than,I normally was before besides my slight of a cough . I had to get my CT today so, they can tell whether it was small or big pneumonia in my lungs. I pray it's small so it can go away easily.

I ate cheese gritz today for breakfast but that's about it. I couldn't eat the hashbrowns or scrambled eggs they had for me for breakfast. Then, my nurse brought me something to snack on it was a small amount though I still haven't had my appetite back. I had tuna fish,grapes,and carrots with ranch as it's dipping sauce. My Grandmother came by and brought me some oranges. She's still here.

I still can't believe tomorrow I'll be 21. I'll be legal legal. I'm able to breathe without my oxygen tube now so,that's a sign. The nurse and my mom ( mostly my mom took care of my wound ) . I screamed.

I finally got to take a shower today besides washing up by hand and let me tell you it felt so relaxing when the water at the right temperature hits you differently and you've been in bed ever since you got here.

Mood : Ready to go home now

- A